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Welcome to Consolidated Alloys

Consolidated Alloys is a high quality and innovative Australian manufacturer of building products and other non-ferrous metal products. Markets served are predominately the residential building market and other Australian and overseas manufacturers and industrial companies. Consolidated Alloys also has a thriving trading business in primary and recycled non-ferrous metals.

Duram Waterproofing

Consolidated Alloys is pleased to announce that it has taken over distribution of Duram waterproofing products to the merchant market ....... Read More

Global Alloys

Consolidated Alloys is pleased to announce that it has acquired the business and assets of Global Alloys....... Read More

Acryflash® Collars

Building on the successful launch of its new and improved Acryflash® range of roof flashings, Consolidated Alloys is pleased to announce the release of Acryflash® pre-fabricated roof collars......Read More

Acryflash® - the new improved Acrylead®

Consolidated Alloys is pleased to announce the launch of its new Acryflash® (formerly Acrylead®) roof flashing .....Read More

Consolidated Alloys takes on distribution of Enthone products in Australia and New Zealand

For many years Consolidated Alloys has distributed Cookson Electronics Alpha products to the Australian electronics market through their national logistics network. Consolidated Alloys is pleased to announce that it is expanding this relationship with Cookson Electronics and will be exclusively distributing Enthone Australia’s (EA) range of products in Australia and New Zealand.....Read More
Consolidated Alloys is Australia’s largest manufacturer of flashing and dampcourse products such as sheet lead, Acrylead coated sheet lead, Aldamp bitumen coated aluminium dampcourse and Weatherflash aluminium flashing. 
Consolidated Alloys is Australia's largest manufacturer of lead anodes for electrorefining and also electrowinning of metals using SX/EW technology.

Quality Assured

Consolidated Alloys ensures the highest quality of its product is maintained through implementing and maintaining management systems for the control of product properties and quality... Read more

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Consolidated Alloys is also a major supplier of building and plumbing products such as insulation materials and silicone sealants to the major Australian building and plumbing wholesalers.